Nearshore engineers for the most in-demand skills, to the very niche ones

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Bridging the gap between Demand & Supply


Quality Talent - Lateral Bridge

Candidate Quality-Check Process

Understanding client's requirements

Getting a fitting list of pre-interviewed candidates from our partners

Screening the above candidates through interviews with Lateral Bridge tech experts and identifying the best suitable candidates

Quality Partner - Lateral Bridge

Onboarding truly reliable Partners

We partner with agencies established for at least 5 years

Our partners should have worked with reputed brands

Partners should have a candidate pool with a range of experience

Allow random selection of candidates for interviews with Lateral Bridge Tech Experts for QA fulfillment.

Quality Partner - Lateral Bridge

Get more for less!

Want to partner with us?

At Lateral Bridge, we strive to give our partners an edge through programs such as the Site Proximity Program and Preferred Partner Program. Our goal is to ensure success for all of our partners, and we work to introduce innovative solutions in the tech staffing industry that can drive the sector forward.

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The Foundation

Lateral Bridge, as the name suggests, aims to bridge the rising gap between the demand-supply of Tech Talent through Staff Augmentation Solutions.

We understand that there is an abundance of qualified, stable, and affordable talent globally, but it can be difficult for organizations to find and access this talent. That's where we come in.

We place a high value on the "True Ability" of the Talent we provide, and the "Time" in which we do so. We believe that this focus on quality and timeliness sets us apart and makes us a reliable choice for organizations looking to fill their tech talent needs.

The Pillars

Chirag - Lateral Bridge

Chirag Thacker

Chirag, a firm believer in “teamwork makes the dream work,” carries over 14 years of experience in handling an entire gamut of HR.

A recruiter by passion, his exposure to Talent Acquisition is beyond domestic boundaries, especially for senior positions in countries like Australia / Hongkong / Malaysia / Singapore / USA/UK.

It is his experience in Talent Acquisition & Setting up Human Resources as a function for several organizations, coupled with his drive to be an entrepreneur, that has helped in giving rise to Lateral Bridge.

Exclusive Team

Shardul - Lateral Bridge

Shardul Gayal

Brand & Product Communication Lead

15+ Years Experience with renowned Global Brands

Fahim - Lateral Bridge

Faheem Maldar

Digital & Performance Marketing Lead

10+ Years Experience with Indian & Global Start-ups

Vaibhav - Lateral Bridge

Vaibhav Ingole

Creative Lead

12+ Years Experience in International Cinematic Art